January 15, 2013

For the Shore (New Jersey Hurricane Relief Benefit) Comp


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So, we’re told that Friday night is when Tumblr is party central. We’re gonna test that assertion by telling you right now that if you download the C4 Records benefit comp For the Shore (New Jersey Hurricane Relief Benefit) for the stupid low price of $2 (or more), you’ll get a ton of songs, including an exclusive outtake from the forthcoming Plow United album Marching Band called “Revenge”, plus sick jams from legendary bands like Rye Coalition and new hedz like Let Me Run. You’ll also get to hear a solo jam from Brian McGee’s most recent album and a track from Joel’s other band, Ex Friends.

AND (because this is now basically an infomercial), you’ll get the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing your money is going straight to the Sandy NJ Relief Fund AND, and this is where it gets seriously psycho, a download code for the latest C4 records comp, New Class.
So basically, is anybody out there? If so, what up!

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