Double Decker Records // Square of Opposition ANNIVERSARY FEST

July 16, 2016

Double Decker Records // Square of Opposition ANNIVERSARY FEST


July 16, 2016 - July 17, 2016

All Day

Merchants’ Square

20 years of Double Decker
15 years of Square of Opposition

Saturday 7/16
Doors at 4
MARGE (whig, weiss, and gabby)
THE BROOD (ex witchhunt)
PHET PHET (ex paramedic, get bent)
THE HEADIES (delaware, ex martin)
CRYBABY (philly emo, better than beach slang)
GLITTER (philly psych pop, ex snow fairies)
SUMMER VACATION (Winter Break/only east coast set ever!)
DIGGER (travel back in time to the 90’s LV pop punk scene)
MISCHIEF BREW (alternative tentacles recording stars)
IRON CHIC (side one dummy/bridge 9/dead broke rekerds)
SNOWING (one more go ’round for the fam, then back to the grave)

Sunday 7/17
Doors at 2:30
BROSKI (lehigh valley twerpcore)
SOUL GLO (philly hc)
ORDINARY LIVES (ex bridge and tunnel, off minor)
THIN LIPS (member of 1994!, ex dangerous ponies)
NONA (one-shot reunion, ex-spraynard)
WHITE PISCES (brooklyn, ex street smart cyclist)
CASSILIS (semi annual live outing, ex snowing/boy problems)
ULTRAMANTIS BLACK (relapse records, nazi killers)
NAH (beats and samples, ex 1994!)
THE BEDS (everyone from slow warm death)
LITERATURE (austin/philly pop sensations, slumberland rec)
SLINGSHOT DAKOTA (LV prom king and queen)
PLOW UNITED (the best live band on the planet)
PISSED JEANS (sub pop, ex gatecrashers)